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Words from Oertha


Unto the populace of Oertha,

    Her Highness and I would like to offer a hearty thank you to everyone who attended this most wonderful weekend.  This Coronet was graced by many visitors from both within Oertha and from lands more distant.  Thank you to Her Majesty Vera for joining Us, and to Our siblings Sarah, Princess of the Mists, and Heinrich & Else, Prince and Princess of Cynagua.  We also would like to thank Our cousins from Antir, Kenric and Dagmar, Prince and Princess of the Summits, for making the trip Northward for a return visit.  Seeing so many places represented in the hall brought much joy to the day.   

    Special thanks to the event stewards and all of their volunteers and kitchen staff.  The site was lovely and the feast outstanding.  We especially have to mention the tasty and beautiful piece of art that capped off Saturday’s feast.  Her Highness and I will treasure the memory of how the candlelit feast hall looked when the edible gingerbread castle was rolled out.  We recognize that it is a big commitment to put on a Coronet and We appreciate the hard work and time everyone provided to make it amazing. 

    We thank Gregor and Bella, for gifting Us a strong, joyous, and loving Principality.  We will continue to strive to maintain this rich land and it’s harmony throughout Our reign as well.  Come join Us as the Principality pushes through the dark nights of winter and onto the long days of summer.   We hope to share conversations, stories and joyous laughs with new friends and old as We travel throughout the abundant lands that define Oertha. 

Soren and Alienor,
Prince and Princess of Oertha