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Words from Oertha


Greetings to Oertha,


This weekend displayed the best of Our Principality.  The Coronet Tourney was both a joy to fight in and watch but most important was witnessing the people of Oertha come together to cheer for all contestants and their inspirations.  We witnessed Households working together to battle the winds, acts of individual service and an overall sense of fellowship throughout the weekend.
First, we would like to thank the event steward and her team for a wonderful event and a beautiful site.  No one can predict what mother nature will bring in terms of weather, but it could not dampen or blow away the Oerthan spirits!  Thank you to ALL the volunteers that helped in every way this weekend that gave of their time to make this event run.
Thank you to their Majesties, their Royal Highnesses, their Highnesses of the Mists, and all travelers from outside Oertha for coming to celebrate Summer Coronet. We are blessed to have the opportunity to have you all here.
To everyone who made the journey to this weekend, it was a pleasure toto talk and spend time with you all.

We now look forward to Purgatorio where the West Kingdom’s monarchs will step up.  While We are unable to make this trip, we are united in celebration with all of West Kingdom to see Their Royal Highnesses crowned.    

We look forward to spending time with all of you over the next 6 months and exploring events around Oertha.  Please know we welcome your suggestions, award recommendations & counsel and would love to meet the many new faces that have found their new home here.
In service,
Soren and Alienor
Prince and Princess of Oertha