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Words from Oertha


Greeting into the populace of Oertha,

We have arrived safely home from Our journey to the very very very cold North, and His Highness has turned around and gone right back! He really does love the people of Winter’s Gate

We want to start by saying “Thank You” to His Majesty Kenric for attending our Coronet tournament. Your presence was an Inspiration to the fighters in the list and to every person in attendance at the event.

We also would like to thank the Barony of Winter’s Gate for hosting a really fine event. Baroness Merewyn managed to cope with a hall that was a bit cozy, a schedule that became more fluid as time went on, and a crowd of people who were really happy to be together. From the chill of the ice plains to your warm welcome, to the abundance of food for the feast, to the happy chatter and singing in the hall -- a great time was had by all who were able to attend.

As We write this, His Highness is preparing to test his mettle at Ursulmas in An Tir, while Her Highness remains up North to keep the Principality safe. We are planning our Progress and will update you very soon. There will be lots of fun in this reign, and we intend to share it with all. Our current plan is to travel at least once to every part of Our Lands.

If any members of Our populace have anything they wish to discuss with Us, please know that We will make Ourselves available, and that We will do all We can to be of help. Your joy in Our shared dream is what will make Our time as your Servants a success.

In Service to Oertha and the West,
Cruscillus Princeps
Eilis Principessa