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Progress for Oertha




February 25, Saturday: Eskalya Fur Rondy Parade
March 11-19, F/week/Su: Gulf Wars (Gleann Abhann) – Eilis only
March 11, Saturday: Eskalya Pie’ds of March – Cru only
March 24-26, F/Su: Spring Crown – Eilis only
April 1, Saturday: Winter’s Gate Fools Revel
April 15, Saturday: Hrafnafjordr Newcomer’s Feast
April 22, Saturday: Pavlok Gorod Fantastic Fairytale Fete
April 28-30, F/Su: Beltane Coronation – Eilis only
May 5-7, F/Su: Cynagua-Mists War – Eilis only
May 20, Saturday: Eskalya May Revel
May 26-29, F/M: Selveirgard Baronial Changeover
June 3-4, S/Su: Three Barons’ Faire
June 10, Saturday: Earngyld Event
June 16-18, F/Su: Summer Crown – Eilis only
June 27-July 2, Tu/M: An Tir-West War
July 14-16, F/Su: Oertha Coronet and Investiture