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Preferences for Oertha


His Highness’ Preferences:
Full Name: Sextus Valerius Crucillius (pronounced Sex-tuss Va-lair-ius Crew-shus) – the last name is the given name in Roman
Favorite Periods/Forms of Dress: Greek, Roman, Norse
Colors: Black and white
Collects: skulls
Beverages: water (but never fizzy water), almost any hot beverage, ginger ale, coke
Adult Beverages: cider (but not beer), mojitos, margaritas, G&Ts (made with elderflower tonic water)
Food: likes almost all food – see aversions below
Really likes: dark chocolate, beef, salads
Aversions: cauliflower, cooked spinach (unless used as a minor ingredient), liver and onions, kidneys
ALLERGIES: shellfish

Her Highness’ Preferences:
Full Name: Eilis O’Boirne (pronounced Ell-iss O’Burn)
Favorite Periods/Forms of Dress: Roman, Norse, 14th century, Persian
Colors: Blue, in just about all shades, gold and silver, dark jewel tones of purple, green and burgundy
Collects: Heraldic roses, period glass and pottery reproductions, fabric, socks, shoes, knives, shiny things…I admit to having a problem!
Beverages: water and fizzy water, chai with pepper in it, mint tea, lemonade, an occasional ginger ale
Adult Beverages: hard lemonades, ciders, classic cocktails made with good bourbon, good bourbon
Food: a slightly picky eater – see aversions below
Really likes: dark chocolate, beef, white-meat fowl, salads, most vegetables (and especially beets), winter squash, pasta, cheese (especially sharp cheeses and blue cheeses)
Aversions: eggplant, okra, zucchini (and other summer squash), organ meat (reaction is close to an allergy), dark-meat fowl
ALLERGIES: fish and shellfish – in fact, I avoid anything that lives in or near the water…