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Kingdom of the West - Royal Rapier Marshal

Contact the Rapier Marshal
  • Kingdom of the West Rapier Marshal : Symon Montgomery de Lisieux
  • Deputy Kingdom Rapier Marshal : Alfonso Diego Castillo De Guzman
  • Oertha Rapier Marshal : Etain O'Rowarke
  • Cynagua Rapier Marshal : Justin Dickson
  • Kingdom of the West Deputy Rapier Marshal : Raven of Drachen Heim
  • Youth Rapier Deputy : Thomas McEwan

The Kingdom Rapier Marshal is responsible for all adult rapier (age 16 and up) activities in the West Kingdom. 

For Youth Rapier please visit the Youth Martial Combat page.

The duties of the office of the Kingdom Rapier Marshal include:

  • Overseeing rapier combat activities in the Kingdom
  • Encouraging the development of safety, honor, and authenticity upon the field
  • Maintenance, publication, and enforcement of standards for construction and use of weapons and armor as well as combat standards beyond Society rules
  • Ensuring proper communication from their deputies and to the Earl Marshal and Society Rapier Marshal

Interested in rapier or Historical Fencing? Have questions? Please feel free to contact the Principality Rapier Marshal of your area or the KRM above. Not sure what area you're in? Find out here!

Rapier Combat Rules: Files with PDF next to them require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. Download the reader here.