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Kingdom of the West Heavy Marshal

Contact the Marshal
  • Kingdom Youth Armored Combat Marshal : Heinrich von Melk
  • West Kingdom Earl Marshal : Leohtulf of the Silver Hills
  • WK Youth Martial : Finna kǫttr Goðormsdóttir
  • Authorizations Deputy : Luxia Sabina

The Earl Marshal is responsible for martial activities in the Kingdom, including armored combat in tournaments and wars, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, equestrian activities, target archery, maintaining a database of authorized fighters, and the maintenance/publication/enforcement of standards for construction and use of all weapons and armor. All rules for combat in the West are based on the SCA standard rules, which can be found on the Society Marshal's page. If you have any questions about combat in the West Kingdom, please contact the Kingdom Earl Marshal via email.  The information on this webpage is predominantly for Adult Armored Martial.  

For information or contacts for Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Equestrian, Siege, and Armored Youth Combat, please see the links at the bottom of the page.  


  • West Kingdom Authorizations Public Database - Live Database here
  • I need to report a new authorization, request a new authorization card, renew my authorization(s), add authorization(s) to an existing card, request a replacement card, and/or update my information (e.g., SCA name, address, phone number). Form Here

West Kingdom Armored Combat Manual and Marshals' Handbook (aka The Rules)

Quarterly Reporting Forms

Training Materials for Marshals and Fighters

  • Western Conventions of Heavy Fighting VIDEO  PDF  (Nov '15)
  • Uncommon Rules and Situations VIDEO PDF  (Nov '15)
  • Rule Changes VIDEO   (Nov '15) PDF (July '16)
  • Marshaling Etiquette VIDEO  PDF (Nov '15)
  • Injury  Protocol VIDEO  PDF (Nov '15 - note discussion on the now closed office of the Chiurgeon)
  • Human Anatomy for Marshals VIDEO  PDF (Nov '15)
  • Conflict Resolution VIDEO  PDF (Nov '15)
  • Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foam PDF (July '16)
  • Sample Questions for Authorizations PDF (August '16)
  • Combat Authorization Procedure PDF (July '16)
  • Thrown Weapon Construction Sample Techniques PDF (Dauid ap Morgant Dinefwr/Owen Flechyr)

Additional Armored Combat Links

Other Marshalled Program Links

Regional and Program Deputies Contact (not listed elsewhere)

War Terrain!

The Kingdom owns a set of wall, bridge pieces, and other terrain items suitable for use at war events and war practices. Most importantly, this equipment has a trailer too, so, if you can tow it, you can borrow it!! Please email the Royal Teamster and the War Marshal to request the use of this great resource!!

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