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Oertha Groups

The Local Groups of the Principality of Oertha

The lands of the Principality are vast and diverse.  The Kingdom of the West's largest Principality by far; the lands are ruled for the Crown by the Prince and Princess of Oertha.  The Prince and Princess, in turn, rely on Barons, Baronesses, and a variety of Seneschals to ensure that the lands of Oertha are cared for.

The following is a list of the individual groups within the Principality.

The Barony of Eskalya

The Barony of Winter's Gate

  • The northernmost group in existance in the SCA, the borders of the Barony of Winter's Gate stretches from Huricane Gulch in the Alaska Range, up to the North Pole, and from the Canadian border to across the Bering Straight; encompassing eastern Russia, much of China, and over to India (Afganistan and Pakistan included) to the last quarter inch of sand visable on the easternmost edge of Big Diomede Island in Russia.
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The Barony of Selviergard

The Shire of Earngyld


The Shire of Hrafnafjordr


The Shire of Pavlok Gorod


The College of St. Boniface