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Known World Italian Symposium

Saturday August 19th, 2023
Web Zoom Facebook, California

Join Italian personae from around the Known World for a day of all things Italian. This virtual event will feature classes, open socials, and the ever popular Contessa’s Ball.
Details can be found at
This is a virtual event, Zoom link will be posted to the website on the day of the event. Closed captioning will be enabled.

If you have questions, please contact the event stewards:
Event Co-Steward: Tellina di Giuseppe da Fiesole (West) —
Event Co-Steward: Aenor de Pessac (An Tir)

Written Directions To Site: Zoom link will be shared to event website

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
Event begins at 6 AM PDT and ends at 7 PM PDT

Virtual Events lack a physical location. Follow the links on this page to the applicable website or Facebook group and there will be specific log in info available there. If you get lost, contact the event steward.