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Tarnmists Yule

Saturday December 10th, 2022
San Luis Obispo, California

Come to the revival of the Tarnmist Yule Dessert Revel! Bring a dessert, your beverage, and a gift for the gift exchange! The desserts will be added to the dessert potluck and the gift need not be expensive. There may be some Bardic activities! Come and help sweep this old year out the door!

Event Steward: Sir Achmere ib’ Tamim (Tim Tomlinson) — Phone: 805 680-3773 — Email:

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
6 PM to 11 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $10, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $5, Children (12 and under): free, Family Cap: $40

Take the Marsh Street exit in San Luis Obispo and proceed to just past the site and turn right into the entrance for the parking garage behind the site. Right after you turn off Marsh Street you will be passing an elevator that will take you to the second-floor event site. Come back to that elevator after you park.