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Words from Oertha

January, AS LII (2018)

Greetings Great Oertha!!!

Before The Crown We swore it, before the God's We swore it, and before the people We swore it! And the God's did answer! They shook the great ands of Oertha and yet did not destroy us! We hope that this is a sign that they are pleased and they are celebrating in the heavens!

Her Highness KharahKhan and I would like to thank every one for traveling these wintered lands to attend the Coronet Tournament and Coronation ceremony this past weekend!

We thank you for the love and friendship given to us since we sailed here and as your Prince and Princess!

It was such an honor to have Therir Majesties Hans and Helga as well as Their Highnesses of the Mists Tuoms and Snorii join us in the Lands of North! We always strive to show the love and joy of the lands of snow so that the stories can be shared with our friends and family of the Southern lands!

Congratulations to Elisheva as Lady Defender of Oertha and for her most honorable Knight and love, Sir Culann Mac Cianain Lord Defender of Oertha.

We look forward to the coming months and many events!!

Please be sure and keep those award recommendations coming in so those who help keep this dream alive can be recognized for their efforts for all to hold high and celebrate!

A toast to the People of Oertha! We hope to always be worthy of your fealty.

Skeggi, Prince Oertha

Kharakhan, Princess Oertha