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Words from Oertha

Unto the populace of Oertha and the Kingdom of the West,

We Gregor and Bella, Prince and Princess of Oertha; do hereby bring words of hope and inspiration, to the people of these great lands!

Let it be known that we are both dedicated to the growth and prosperity of Oertha. It is our desire to recognize those that have it in their hearts to serve the populace. Our eyes will be far reaching during our reign yet we cannot see everything that our subjects do for one another. Please submit any award recommendations to our head of court; your local Baronage; or directly to us at any event or through the royals email. Personal award recommendations are the best method. We both would love to hear the deeds of service in person and why you feel one of our subjects are so deserving of that elevation. Always remember that service to the people is what keeps this dream alive for the oldest and newest members of our Society.

It is our hope to create another storyline around the Norse Scandinavian culture in such a way that teaches the histories and values of their people. The storyline will lead up to certain SCA events where it will unfold before the populace with key members playing parts in the story. It is our goal to make this fun as well as include as many of the populace as possible into the story of our time upon the thrones.

Inspiration is one of the keys of our dream. Nothing inspires us more than hearing and seeing our populace support each other, to reach their goals. Each of us is a part of something bigger and grander than ourselves. Be that inspiration to the people around you. Be that individual that chooses to elevate the people in your lives. Together we can accomplish anything. You just need to have the courage to step forward and make that difference. Let your light shine the way, and others will follow you towards that bright future!

With undying love, and dedication to the people of Oertha, and the Kingdom of the West; we thank you for this opportunity to serve our Principality and Kingdom. We both very much look forward to seeing everyone at events and to have a wonderful time throughout our reign.

Yours in Service,

Gregor and Bella
Prince and Princess of Oertha