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Words from Oertha

July, AS LIII (2018)

Unto Our most beloved populace does Culann and Sefa, Prince and Princess of Oertha, send warmest of greetings and salutations.

We are humbled by your love and support and We look forward to a wonderful reign celebrating the wonders, the beauty, and the great joy that swells in Our lands as evident with all of you. 

We would like to thank all of those who were able to attend Summer Coronet and Investiture and witness our ascension to the Lupine Thrones of Oertha.  We were witness to many good people being recognized for their deeds and service to Our Principality and we look forward to recognizing other members of Our populace who help enrich not only our Principality but the Kingdom of the West as well.

We look forward to spending time with all Our populace throughout the Principality during Our Progress.  Oertha is an amazing Principality filled with great deeds and shining examples of The Dream and We are honored to be your Prince and Princess.

In Service We Remain Yours,
Culann and Sefa
Prince and Princess of Oertha