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Words from Oertha

Unto Our most cherished populace does Cruscillus and Vicana, Prince and Princess of Oertha, send heartfelt greetings.

Oh Majestic Oertha, you fill our hearts with Joy. Your outpour of support and encouragement knows no bounds. We are deeply moved by each and every one of you.
We would like to thank all the good gentles that traveled far and wide across the vast frozen lands we call home, to attend Winter Coronet and Investiture. There we saw, not only great prowess on the field of battle, but also grand merriment in the after revel. Like our predecessors before, We look forward to exploring our lands and recognizing those of our populace that enhance the dream with their deeds. Our Principality is indeed rich as is our Kingdom with just such gentels.

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Cruscillus and Vicana
Prince and Princess of Oertha