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Progress for Oertha


Our Progress for the coming Reign:


Event Date:
Event Name:
August 3rd
Eskalya’s Baroness’ Champion
August 17th
Selviergard- Founders Day Demo
August 18th
Eskalya- Water Station Run
September 14th & 15th
Winter’s Gate Commandercy
October 8th-14th (actual dates will come later)
Great Western War
October 19th
Eskalya’s Samhain
*October 26th *TBD*
Winter’s Gate’s Samhain
November 2nd
Selviergard’s Samhain
December 7th
Eskalya’s Yule
December 14th
Selviergard’s Yule
*December 28th *TBD*
Winter’s Gate’s Yule
January 17th - 19th
Orethan Winter Coronet & Investiture

As always things can change. Updates will be posted when and if that happens. Feel free to contact our Head of Court with any questions.