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Greater Offices

Seneschal Seneschal
Anna di Caterina Neri
The chief administrator and legal representative of the Principality
Arts and Sciences Arts and Sciences Minister
Elena verch Rhys
Encourages the teaching and display of the Arts and Sciences
Chronicler Chronicler
Thomas "Two-Bears" Sorngrym
Responsible for the Principality newsletter
Constable Constable
Ceara der Alcan
Collects event fees and sees that both SCA and mundane laws are followed
Exchequer Exchequer
Lilla t Sceaphylle
Administers and reports Principality finances
Stellanordica Herald Stellanordica Herald
Rodrigo de Reinosa
 Arranges for announcements in court and for the development and registration of names and devices 
Knight Marshal Knight Marshal
Nathan Hartman
Oversees the safety and honor of combat activities

Lesser Offices

Archery Marshal Archery Marshal
Elisa von Sophey
Organizes and oversees the safety and honor of archery activities
Chatelaine Chatelaine / Gold Key
Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr
Greets and helps newcommers.  Loans appropriate clothing as needed at Principality events
Equestrian Marshal Equestrian Marshal
Clare Elena de Montfort
Organizes and oversees the safety and honor of equestrian activities
List Minister List Minister
Margery Garret
Manages the list, that is, coordinating combatants in a tournament or other formal combat
Rapier Marshal Rapier Marshal
tan O’Rowarke
Organizes and oversees the safety and honor of rapier activities
Regalia Minister Regalia Minister
Clare Elena de Montfort
Ensures that all regalia gets to and leaves events intact and is stored appropriately
Stellanordica Scribe Stellanordica Scribe
Hrai Kttr
Arranges for the calligraphy and illumination of Principality award scrolls.  This office is moving to be a Guild.
Web Minister Web Minister
Rodrigo de Reinosa
Maintains the Principality website and overses social media