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Court for Oertha

The Court of Culann and Sefa, 68th Prince and Princess of Oertha

Lord and Lady Guardian
Fergus Mac Thomais and Margarita Catherine di Calvi

List Entrants for the Coronet and Their Consorts
Fergus Mac Thomais for Margarita Catherine di Calvi
Søren j Alborgh for Alienor Fitzhenry
Culann mac Cianain for Elisheva bint Sitt al-Sirr
Bartram Sinclair for Úlfhildr Sverradóttir
Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin for Angela of Eskalya
Hans Shaffer for Elena verch Rhys
Hraði Köttr for Silvia of Thrace

Shield of Chivalry
(Bestowed by Previous Princess, Kharakhan)
Sevastian Agafangelovich Golystin

Heavy Champion
Hraði Köttr

Rapier Champion
To Be Announced

Archery Champion
Gavin Woodward

Thrown Weapons Champion
To Be Announced

Head of Court
Lilla æt Sceaphylle and Celestria Tetrix

Pelican Advisor
Alienor FitzHenry

Royal Advisor
Eilis O'Boirne

Ladies of the Chamber
Lucia Anastasia de la Mar
Cempestra Sidda O'Breoniann
Harmony of the Three Roses
More to be listed at the whim of her Highness

Knight Counselor
To Be Announced

Princess' Escort - Captain
Sapphira the Navigator

Princess' Escort
Bran Sparrowhawk
Rin McRay
Johannes von Rothe
More to be listed at the whim of her Highness

Laurel Counselor
To Be Announced

Head Artisan
Gisla Œðikollr

Princess' Artisans
Fergus Mac Thomais
Fearghus mac Gyllfynnan
Sylvia of Thrace
Ulfhildr Sverradottir

More to be listed at the whim of her Highness

Pennelope of the Three Roses
Calliope of Winter’s Gate
Alexandra of Oertha

To Be Announced