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Virtual PPF-BTW-Raid Delayed Collegium

Saturday November 14th, 2020

November 2021 will see an epic immersive experience in the style of past Perfectly Period Feast events in central West and An Tir focused on a winter feast in the home of a wealthy landowner in the 10th Century Danish trading communities of Hedeby/Heiðabýr/Haithabu or Ribe/Ripen. 

For November 2020, let's all gather together online to share our research, gain some knowledge of that place and time and shake our fists at the plague that keeps us from our friends IRL. 

For sources, we are looking at the archaeological evidence, the sagas, poetry, and reports of foreign visitors. Because the evidence for early period food is not as clear as it is for the previous PPF events, we will focus as much, if not more, on building a culturally immersive event with activities like poetry/storytelling, wrestling, trading, and formalized gift-giving (this is also why the name has been changed from perfectly period to plausibly period). The goal is to be as true to the historical period as possible, while recognizing the limitations of recreating a largely pre-literate society.

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We will have classes, a social room, project display space, bardic oppurtunities and hopeful some game play.  Save the Date!

Steward: Else Hunrvogt (Nancy Reimers) 209.620.3828

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