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June Crown

Friday June 22nd, 2018 to Sunday June 24th, 2018

Greetings West Kingdom from your King and Queen!

We eagerly look forward to June Crown, to the selection of Our Heirs, and to the fun event planned for everyone. We have received missives from several friends of the West Kingdom who wish to come enjoy a Western Crown with Us: to fight, revel, and celebrate the elevation of friends.

As part of this great celebration, We ask anyone that can, to bring a propane fire pit (no wood fires are allowed at the site) to the list field Saturday evening so that the warmth of firelight will let all revel together. Further, We ask that those who camp around the list field continue the amazing trend of opening camps and welcoming newcomers! The Kingdom is flourishing with growth and We wish this growth to be supported! We will again provide the Western Valentine cards to continue to spread good cheer.

For those who will enter the list, We wish these conventions to be known:
• Entrants from out of kingdom will be fighting
• The list will be a standard double elimination
• No byes will be fought (The double-elimination classic tree format will be used)
• We ask that the back of aluminum shields be painted, and the front of shields be in good repair
• No exposed plastic or modern sports equipment (covered is fine), exceptions will be made for plastic cup hilts and
manufactured lamellar plates
Should you have questions, please check in with Us.
Our desire is to start the list a bit earlier than usual. Further details will be made available on the West Kingdom Facebook page. We look forward to spending a fabulous weekend with all of you.

Gate Sign In:
There will be different than standard sign in requirements at June Crown Gate due to the requirements set forth by the event facility. With the change from standard sign in procedure, wait times at gate may be slightly longer than normal. Please be considerate and understand that the legal paper trail helps protect the whole of the SCA. Sheets will be color coded to help identify which sheets one must sign in on.

Staying One Night (Yellow)
Staying Two Nights (Green)
Day Tripping (Pink)
Driver and Vehicle List (Blue)
Minor Waivers (Lavender)
(No Equestrian as no horses or ponies on site.)

Fire Safety Rules:
“Important Fire information: Propane fires only! No wood, no charcoal. Needs to be a commercial propane burning device or have a shutoff valve for tip-overs.
It is June in California. There will be no wiggle room on this. Fire extinguishing items must be within extremely easy reach.”
*Additional Information on standard West Kingdom Fire Policy can be found here:

RV parking is available. Contact the site directly.

Further information can be found on the website and Facebook event page.

Event Steward: Baroness Katrina Yarbrough (Tammera Gulliver)
Phone: 916-757-8769

Start Time: 
Site opens Noon on Friday and closes 4pm on Sunday
Site Fee: 
Adult Event Registration: $25, Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Minors (Ages 17 and under) FREE. *West Kingdom Welcoming Committee will be available for those who need it.