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Oerthan Arts and Sciences Championship: AS LI

  • Domestic Arts and Sciences: Food in Dough (handpies, pastries, and tarts)
    Fall Captaincy (Winter's Gate) 9/3/2017
  • Textile: Hats and Headcoverings
    Samhain (Eskalya) 10/28/2017
  •  Performing Arts: A Story of Courtly Love
    Winter Coronet (Principality) 1/21/2018
  • Technological: Jewelry/Neckwear (necklaces, pendants, chains, collars)
    Fools Revel (Winter's Gate) 2018
  • Research Paper: Open Topic Research Presentation
  • Studio Art: Bound Books
    Spring Offensive (Selviergard) 5/26/2018

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The judging sheets are available her:
Oertha Arts and Sciences Evaluation Form
Oertha Arts and Sciences Performance Evaluation Form
OOertha Arts and Sciences Research Evaluation Form

Food in Dough
  • TBA
Hats and Headcoverings
  • TBA
Stories of Courtley Love
  • TBA
Jewelry/Neckwear (necklaces, pendants, chains, collars)
  • TBA
How to Write a Presentation
  • TBA
Binding Books
  • TBA
On Documentation

Additional Contest Information

  • Individuals who wish to enter an item but will not be able to make the event, may mail items to Jessica Grahn Duncan/1114 Coppet St/Fairbanks, AK 99709. Please email Baroness Elena at jessicaeringrahn@yahoo.com to let her know items are coming. Items will be returned by mail with judging sheets within one week of the event.
  • Contestants for the championship must enter at least four of the categories.
  • Contestants may enter only one item per event (no double dipping).
  • Incomplete projects may be entered, so long as the part of the project being judged is complete. For example, if you want to enter a scroll in the calligraphy contest but the illumination isn’t complete, you may enter it so long as the calligraphy is complete.
  • At least minimal documentation is required. Minimal documentation will be considered one 3x5 card and one primary source. More documentation is suggested.
  • Research papers should be between 1,500 and 2,500 words, or four to six pages, double spaced. Papers should be submitted by email one week before the event, to allow judges sufficient time to review the paper.
  • If there are three or more entrants in a competition, the winner is the entry with the highest score. If there are fewer than three entries, the winner is the entry with the highest score over 66% of the available points. If there is only one entry, the entry will be judged, but there will be no competition – however, the points will count towards the Championship
  • Whoever racks up the most total points wins!
  • Please send any questions or concerns to jessicaeringrahn@yahoo.com.