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Oerthan Arts and Sciences Championship: AS L

Oerthan Arts and Sciences Champion

Lord Camshron mac Gille Finnan

  • Studio Art: Calligraphy
    Samhain (Selviergard) 10/31/2015
  • Domestic Arts and Sciences: Board Games
    Eskalyan Yule (Eskalya) 12/5/2015
  • Performing Arts: Original Morality Story or Play
    Winter Coronet (Principality) 1/16/2016
  • Textile:  Needlebooks
    Death by Chocolate (Eskalya) 2/13/2016
  • Research Paper: Open Topic
    Bi-Baronial Collegium (Eskalya/Selviergard) 4/2/2016
  • Technological: Chain or Chainmail
    Spring Captaincy (Winter's Gate) 5/?/2016

The judging sheet is available here.