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Arts and Sciences



A&S Resources
These links represent a collection of various resources that may be found useful by a variety of people.  Please note:  This page is a work in progress and will continue to grow as more links are added on a regular basis.

                                  Updated on 7 March, 2012     |     Added 60 Links, 16 Sub-categories     |     173 Total Links


Antler & Bone
Resources regarding antler, bone, horn, and ivory
Applied Sciences
Assorted beverages, vinting, and brewing resources
Armor & Weapons
Anything related to arms and armor from history or the SCA
Beads & Beadwork
Glassworking to bead embroidery and the things in between
Various authors from around the Knowne World
Resources for clothing of different cultures and time periods
Resources for all of the medieval foodies out there
Viking, Byzantine, and everything in between
Domestic Sciences
Resources for cosmetics, lighting, and other domestic items
Embroidery & Needlework
Encompasses a wide range of arts and sciences related to the needle
Fine Arts
Resources for sculpture, painting, pottery and other fine arts
Heraldic and armorial display resources for the SCA
Carving, dyeing, and item resources from leather
Martial Arts
SCA and historical documents on the art of combat
Merchant List
Commercial resources that my be found useful
Resources for all things metal; blacksmithing and jewelry included
Oerthan Websites & Blogs
A collection of special interest sites by Oerthans
Performing Arts
Resources for SCA bards, entertainers, and musicians
Resources for creating and developing your SCA persona
Scribal Arts
Resources regarding calligraphy and illumination, historical and SCA
Resources for the service related arts; good sources for proteges
Textile Arts
An assortment of resources related to fabric and related arts
True Sciences
Mathematics, astronomy, and other deep science resources
Resources for the tools of the trade in various time periods
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