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Recent Words from Their Highnesses

September, AS LII (2017)

A Missive from Their Highnesses, Duncan II and Violet II

As Our Principality prepares for the rigors of the impending winter cold, We take pride in the accomplishments of these past weeks. We have seen Champions stand tall before Her Highness as well as the Baronial Excellencies of Winter’s Gate and Eskalya alike. True Champions who have proved themselves in both Rapier and Armored Combat, honorable and ready to carry the flame of their Baronies and Oertha in defense or onto the field of battle!

We were honored to have been able to see the Coronation of König Heinrich von Swartzenberg and Queen Annora Raines, Our Rightful King and Queen of the West! Oertha was in full splendor as we recognized Our newest Oerthan Viscount and Viscountess. Let that only be the next chapter in the Great Oerthan Saga. Purgatorio was so full of wonderful memories and long lasting friendships were cultivated.

His Highness was recently able to spend time with friends, old and new alike, within the Barony of Eskalya and was able to be made to prove himself worthy of maintaining the field against the great battle hardened fighters. Several new additions to the Barony were making preparation to take the field with the guidance of the Oerthan Chivalry. Well done!

We ask that you continue to adventure and challenge yourselves! You have risen to the task and taught classes from pottery, armouring, paternosters, leatherwork, and of course fighting in all styles to include period techniques in such a short time. Let this adventure continue and inspire us all.

It is suggested that if you have seen actions worthy of recognition let Us know. Please continue to keep Us informed of these great people and the actions they perform, so that We may recognize them appropriately. It is Our privilege and We do not take this task lightly so We ask for your endorsement for award recognition.

As the season changes, We will campaign south to warmer lands to support Our King and Queen against the Caid rebellion. We ask that you provide only the levy you wish without placing worried hardship upon yourself. What you provide is done in love, and recognized with kindness. Together we all maintain Oertha; and Oertha will always support the Kingdom of the West!

In Service to Oertha and the Crown of the West,

Duncan II and Violet II

Prince and Princess of Oertha

Award Recommendation Form or e-mail us at Oerthancoronets@yahoo.com

August, AS LII (2017)

A Missive from Their Highnesses

As the berry bear grows fat so does the winter wolf’s hunger. The bear sees fall approach and lingers for his den to sleep; the wolf searches for easy prey. The bear will stay warm while hibernating as the wolf grows lean and strong with the hunt!

We are winter wolves, strong and wild; adventurous and hungry. We are eager to learn new skills! We have nothing to lose, so We shall go out and face the world! We are Oertha!

This Reign it is Our great desire for all within this Principality to learn something new. In this past We have focused on Arts and Sciences, Traveling, or something similar. This time, We ask that Oerthans become more adventurous and try something totally new. Learn a skill, teach a talent, go on an adventure, or just BE the Adventure! The sky is the limit! We have so much talent within this Principality to share, and so many who are eager to learn.

Change has come upon Us like seasons to the land. With the new Coronets come new rulers to the lands of Oertha. Our knowledge of the populace has grown over the years and yet We do not see you all every day. We ask that you write to Us and recognize your own peers so that We may recognize those individuals who are deserving for the service they perform within these great lands We all call home.

Our Royal Progress will continue to move quickly as wolves would on the sleeping doe. We will represent Oertha in multiple Kingdoms and multiple Wars! We ask that you support Us as We conquer the world with the Kingdom of the West; on the field of battle and in support of the Principality and Kingdom as you see able.

Thank you for allowing Us to be part of Your Dream, as you are a part of Ours. As We are Oertha, you are Oertha!

In Service to these lands We all call home,

Duncan and Violet

Prince and Princess of Oertha

Award Recommendation Form or e-mail us at Oerthancoronets@yahoo.com