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Recent Words from Their Highnesses

January, AS LI (2017)

We would love to extend Our thanks to everyone that came to Coronet. Thank you to Their Majesties King Roger and Queen Zanobia for braving the journey to Your lands in the Frozen north and making this cold winter warmer by bringing the western warmth with You. Also a thank you to Her Highness of the Mists, Princess Helga for making this same journey to meet and see everyone. You brought light to Our dark nights and joy to Us all during the day. We want to thank the autocrat Faunus de Arden and his most outstanding team. From the moment We walked into the chapel till moment We drove home you all helped create a wonderful atmosphere and event that We will long remember. The food at feast was amazing Margarita Catherine di Calvi. Eating by candle light with everyone just took Us back in time.

We got to witness Oertha's first Master of Defense as Mistress Sorcha Careman was inducted into the Order. This brought Us so much joy as she is a teacher of all rapier in Oertha. His Grace, Duke Skeggi Nyewcombe was also Invited to become a Master of Defense as well and will receive his accolade at March Crown in Central West this spring. Lord Brnn Mac Finnchad was offered his Laurel this weekend and will sit vigil later this reign.

Her Highness and I look forward to traveling throughout Oertha, seeing Our beloved populace and meeting new people this reign. We are traveling to An Tir and Central West. We hope to see and talk to you soon.

Soren and Alienor
Prince and Princess of Oertha

It is Our wish that the focus of this reign be on exploring the Arts & Sciences. We are blessed in Oertha to have a group of very talented and creative people. With this in mind, His Highness and I would challenge each of you to expand on your existing skills and explore new activities. For example, you might learn to play chess, to teach a dance, or try to make a piece of garb if you have never done so. We hope to see classes, A&S nights and participation in the local contests increase. We believe that celebrating the arts and sciences in this manner will enrich the Principality as a whole, and We look forward to seeing what you create.

Princess of Oertha