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How To Recommend Somebody for an Award

First of all, it is important to remember that anybody can recommend anybody for an award.  You do not need to have the award to recommend someone for the award.  Additionally, you may recommend somebody close to you; because, after all, you probably know them better than other people do.

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize the Award Recommendation form found on the Kingdom of the West website.  The form can be a little confusing and not very user friendly.  Following this tutorial will help make sure that your recommendation gets to the right people and in a quick manner.


Step 1:  Locate the Award Recommedation Website

If you haven't done so already, navigate to http://heralds.westkingdom.org/AwardRecommend.htm.  This is the actual site that we will be using.  It looks like this:


Step 2:  Your Information

In the top part of the form you will see the section: Person Making Recommendation...this is you.  This information is needed so that if there is a question on the form or about the recipient that the Royalty can contact you.

Step 3:  Choosing the Right Royalty 

Now comes the tricky part.  Who do you want the Award Recommendation to go to?  If the award is strictly Oerthan, you will want to choose The Prince and Princess of Oertha in the drop-down menu.  If the award is for something that is normally given as a Kingdom level Award, such as recommending a person for the Order of the Pelican, you may wish to choose the King and Queen of the West in the drop-down menu.

For a list of Oerthan awards, visit the Awards Page

Step 4:  Their Information

This is the part of the form that you want to make sure is as correct as possible.  Enter the person's SCA name, hopefully you know it.  At this point, if you don't know their SCA name, you might want to do some research before progressing further.  Additionally, adding their mundane name (if you know it) will help to make sure that the person recieving the award is actually the person you recommended for the award.

Now, you want to add more identifying information.  Use the drop-down menu to pick the area that they live in.  If you chose "Other" go ahead and take a moment to explain what that actually means.  From there, add their local branch name and the mundane term of the place they live.  This can be as easy as a city name, a state name, or both. 

Remember, the more identifying information you add, the more you can rest easy that the Joe the New getting that Service award is the same Joe the New you recommended.

Step 5: What Type of Award?

In the drop-down menu you can see a list of the common types of awards but not the actual awards themselves.  This helps keep the online form simple while ensuring that if Joe the New happened to be a member of the Order of the Golden Spoon (and you didn't know about it) that he might get looked at for the next Service level award based on your recommendation.

Take a moment to determine what branch of Award the person you are recommending deserves.

If you chose "Other", take a moment to explain what that means.  Be as precise as possible, it makes things easier for the Royalty giving the award.

Step 6: Why Are You Recommending the Award?

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this step.  The wrong way looks like this:

The wrong way doesn't tell why the person should recieve the award, it is simply a statement of personal beliefs that don't tell the Royalty why this person should be given any award, let alone the one you are recommending them for.

The write way to fill out this section looks like this:

The right way tells the Royalty exactly why you feel this person should recieve an award.  It give details and facts that actually help your case in favor of the proposed recipient.

Offer your opinion on why the person you are recommending should be given an award.  Offer your opinion on only those things on which you feel fit to judge.   

Step 7: Almost Done

What events will the person likely be at?  You don't have to know for sure, at least have an idea.  This information will give the Royalty the ability to plan when they have the opportunity to hand the award to this person.

Step 8: Don't Click the Button...Yet

Take a moment to look over the information you provided.  Is it correct?  Is it complete?  Is it accurate? 

If so, click SEND REQUEST

And there you go, you just submitted an Award Recommendation!