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The History of Oertha

Originally known as the Region of the North, consisting primarily of the Baronies of Eskalya, Winter's Gate and Earngyld, this land was a part of the Principality of An Tir. When An Tir petitioned for kingdom status, this Northern Region wished to maintain its loyalties to the Kingdom of the West, and was granted permission to do so. This land became known as the Northern Marches. Eventually the regions within the Northern Marches formed an alliance and submitted a petition to become a Principality within the Kingdom of the West. They were granted that right.

Debate started to ensue as to what this new Principality should be called. 'The North' was favoured, as they were formerly known as: 'the Region of the North', and 'the Northern Marches'. The request was submitted and was rejected by the College of Heralds.

At this time, one of their brave and bold knights was returning from a long quest, Sir Kylson Skyfire. It was on his return that he happened across a mystic tome, in which he read the name 'Oertha', Guardian of the North. This fabled tome had slipped from his hold, but he remembered the name and brought it back. He offered it up, and the people rejoiced, for it was a fine name. It was presented to the College of Heralds, and was accepted. However, that priceless mystic tome, from which the name Oertha came, has been lost to us forever.

Oertha became a Crown Principality in A.S. XVII, and was elevated to full principality status in A.S. XIX. Name and Arms were registered first in March A.S. XIX. Further research into the Name 'Oertha' has turned up:

  • A similar Welsh word, meaning 'the Cold Lands', 'North', or 'Northern'
  • Oertha is also the name of an Angel who guards and rules over Aparktias (a Northern Wind). 'He has a torch of fire in his hand, and holds it to him and his sides and warms his coldness so that he does not freeze the earth.' (As Beliar said to Bartholomew and was written down in 'The Gospel of Bartholomew - The Apocryphal New Testament')

The arms of the Principality of Oertha are Azure, a wolf sejant, head erect, between in chief two compass stars and on a base argent, a laurel wreath azure.


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