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The Reign of Georg & Katarzina,                                 50th Prince and Princess of Oertha

Lord and Lady Guardian

Sren j Alborgh and Alienor FitzHenry

List Entrants for the Coronet and Their Consorts

None listed at this time

Heavy Champion

Sir Kennric Maur

Rapier Champion

Mistress Tama Katerina Evstokh'eva

Knight Council

Riddari Georg of Glacier's Edge

Ladies of the Chamber

Viscountess Katarzina Porajski - Head

Mistress Margery Garret

Baroness Heleyne of Avebury

Lady Ellen of Selviergard

Lady Ellisif a Reikiavik

Amy of Selviergard

Princess' Escort

Lady Lilandra of Sheep's Rock - Captain

Lady Angelina of Eskalya

Lord Barak the Hunter

Lord Beorn se Bacaire

Lord Hallbiorn Erlaendarson

Lord Rahl of Earngyld